Decorating Ideas 

Clearly Creative Collection
  • Our DIY glass holders offer the ultimate in personalisation. Fill with decorative accents that match the season...match the occasion...match your style!
  • The Clearly Creative Collection includes: New! Votive Holder Decorating Kit, Eclectic Trio, Elevated Votive Centerpiece, Escential Jar Holder, GloLite Jar Holder, Imperial Candle Holder, Jar and Pillar Holder Pair, Reversible Multi Candle Holder Pair, ScentGlow Warmer, and Ultimate Votive Pair, each sold separatelyy.
Majestic Hearth Hurricane
  • Our exclusive mouth-blown seed glass hurricane comes in two sizes perfect for personalisation: Oversized Majestic and Grand.
Symmetry Trio
  • Two taller clear glass holders join our popular Symmetry Trio to create a quintet of customisable candle holders.

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